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Venetian blinds allow lots of flexibility over how they’re positioned, so they’re great blinds for privacy control, whilst still allowing lots of light and air to circulate. … When they’re not in use, Venetian blinds can be pulled up out of sight for uninterrupted views of summer gardens in full bloom

Dual Shades

These are a contemporary, trendy window covering solution that has grown fast during recent years. 

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds bring practicality & durability with the ability to angle the slats to control & adjust the light

Aluminium Blinds

This simple and contemporary blind combines practicality with style.

Roller Blinds

These provide numerous options for adaptability and comfort. They give any setting a cutting edge look.

Wooden Blinds

Wood blinds are classic and high quality window coverings that provide a popular look.

Roman Blinds

These are a decorative option and one that is most oriented toward the residential sector.

A gallery of some of the blinds available…